Lots of thinks that couldn't be done have been done

Who is Bizeasy?

Bizeasy is a business coaching company specialized in coaching the owners of small to medium size enterprises (SME).

Bizeasy is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and work throughout the greater Randstad area. 

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Is your business running your life?

For over 80 percent of small to medium business owners in the Netherlands this is the reality. But it does not need to be this way. With a Bizeasy coach on your team we will change that. As the Bizeasy coach works through the coaching programs with you, you will learn step by step how to create a business that is working for you. A business that is more profitable. A business that gives you freedom

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  • Run your business in a more effective and profitable way


As a business owner you have to learn business the hard way. No one teaches entrepreneurship. We normally learn from just doing it and this can be a hard way to learn.

Bizeasy teaches you as a business owner how to build your business and avoid the hard knocks.

Bizeasy uses clear and simple coaching programs that work in any business. We will coach you how to get more customers and how to improve your profit.  We will teach you knowhow and tools to run your business in a more effective and profitable way.

Not only does a Bizeasy business coach teach you how to run a better business, he/she also hold you accountable for getting the work done. Most of us in business are good at getting the things we like done and good at avoiding things we donít like.


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  • Increase the bottom line of your business


Through one on one coaching programs, your Bizeasy business coach will work with you on the fundamentals of your business. We will show you how to increase the bottom line of your business or any business of that mater.


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  • Turn the crisis into an opportunity


Has your business suffered from the crisis? With a Bizeasy business coach, you will learn how to turn the crisis in to an opportunity.

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